Robert Giacchetti


Giacchetti earned his BA in Finance from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1992.  Following graduation, he worked for Wellfleet Communications in a variety of Finance positions, culminating in corporate FP&A.  Wellfleet was Fortune Magazine’s “Fastest Growing Company in America” in 1992 and 1993, and provided a unique opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best minds in business.  Giacchetti was responsible for the worldwide implementation of Budgeting and Planning software replacing spreadsheets, which had become untenable for a company with a sharp growth trajectory.

Following Wellfleet’s merger with Synoptics to form Bay Networks in 1994, Giacchetti co-founded The Vision Consulting Group.  During the 1990s wave of SAP implementations, the company provided specialized resources to large implementation projects.  Giacchetti later focused his own consulting work on operational integration of merged and acquired entities, and major business performance initiatives.  In 2005, he began a relationship with ProcessUnity as a Preferred Stock investor, subsequently initiating and closing transactions with institutional and individual Series A/B investors.  Giacchetti advised and assisted the CEO in repositioning the business to capture the large GRC market opportunity.  ProcessUnity was one of the earliest software vendors to fully embrace delivery of its solutions using a Software as a Service model.

In 2007, Giacchetti co-founded and was the sole investor in Quidley and Company Fine Art, a direct and channel sales entity for investment-grade artworks, with responsibility for Finance and Business Operations.  Quidley quickly established itself as a significant player in the international market with a dominant position in the US.

Giacchetti quickly recognized that the business could gain a significant competitive advantage through the deployment of CRM, Sales Forecasting and Revenue Planning software, and ERP software.  These tools proved essential to driving business performance through a turbulent macroeconomic environment and a substantial downturn in the fine art market.  As a result, Quidley grew 36% from 2008-2010 while the Mei Moses industry index declined by 26%.

Giacchetti currently consults to medium-to-large divisions and corporations, helping them improve their business performance through the implementation of sound business processes and practical software solutions.