Our Approach

avantiNo one knows more about your business than your people. Our consultants will work with your team to design solutions that leverage their knowledge, and create simple system solutions that increase productivity and performance.

Learn your business, understand your needs

We believe that a great consulting partner must thoroughly understand a client’s business in order to develop useful system solutions. Whenever possible, we go to where people actually do work and learn directly at the source. Through this hands-on approach, we not only learn about your business; we begin to understand your culture, while simultaneously developing working relationships with your people that will be leveraged throughout the solution deployment process. By engaging your resources early, we train them and prepare them to own the solutions, saving you time and cost later on in the implementation.

Avanti will never “back up the school bus” to a client site; all of our consultants are experienced, qualified professionals who are selected for projects based on their ability to make a real contribution.

Design, validate, and test solutions

We believe in an iterative approach to solution design. When implementing so-called “packaged” software, the structure of data and customization of the software are often the keys to a successful project. Based on our understanding of your “as-is” business processes, and our knowledge of the software application being deployed, we will model your business in the system – starting with the fundamental core of your business. We then conduct a design review with your business owners or stakeholders, demonstrate a real solution in the software, and ensure their needs have been met. All critical business functions will be tested and validated prior to go-live. This eliminates the guesswork and surprises that result when consultants work in a vacuum.

Deployment and support

Going live with any new software solution can pose challenges. At this point in the implementation life cycle, having an experienced partner can really make a difference. For SAP projects where business-critical functions are being cut over, a highly qualified partner is absolutely essential. Our team has been brought in to resolve situations that other partners and consultants were unable to manage, and we are tested and proven in remediating issues and quickly restoring business transaction flow. This is not work we seek, however our experience triaging problems and developing fast and effective solutions is absolutely invaluable in all of the implementation work we do.

On all of our projects, we work hard to ensure a smooth transition by carefully validating solutions prior to rolling them out. By thoroughly learning your business, and performing rigorous solution testing, our projects experience far fewer issues at go-live than one may expect from a traditional project. And, our approach of training your team as we engage with them during the course of the project yields cost and time savings prior to go-live. Of course, training for users not involved in the project will be delivered in the appropriate window prior to launching the new solution.


Avanti’s consultants are known for developing long-term relationships with their clients. When knowledge transfer is complete, and your team is operating independently, we are never more than a phone call or email away. We welcome the opportunity to stay connected with our clients, and always have time to answer a quick question or make a suggestion about a new solution. In our world, maintaining a relationship like this does not require a Purchase Order! We are confident that our clients will want to re-engage with us when they have substantial new project work to get done.