About ProcessUnity

logo-processunity2ProcessUnity is a privately-held risk management software solutions company headquartered in historic Concord, Massachusetts. Its comprehensive suite of on-demand solutions provide companies with the visibility and control they need to assess, measure, and mitigate risk and to ensure the optimal performance of key business processes. Our customers, who include small, medium, and large enterprises across industries and geographies, appreciate the ease of use, instant global deployment, low cost of ownership, and highly responsive service associated with our risk, compliance, and operational control solutions.  ProcessUnity’s team of experienced technology, risk and industry professionals enable us to deliver highly effective solutions to today’s risk challenges.

ProcessUnity offers a suite of solutions focused on strong IT governance and effective information security risk management. For example, our software makes it easy for IT professionals worried about IT governance to ensure the security and reliability of their technology operations and information assets. In addition, with ProcessUnity, IT professionals gain clear visibility into their coverage of key industry standards.

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